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All about Our Promotion

The Purpose of This Promotion

 The purpose of this promotion is to help us introduce more website owners to our superior ranking capabilities at a price that is absolutely unbelievable for a company with our track record.  We think that once you have received a Google first page ranking for your choice of search term, that you will consider the longer term benefits of having a dedicated full time SEO team that will not represent another considered to be your local competition. If a more meaningful month to month relationship does exist, both you and SEO Seattle will have the proven track record and the confidence needed to move forward. Basically we deliver results and quicker than most others.

Please also consider that much research and preparation was done to assure this offer be the very best currently available by even much lesser SEO companies. We have reviewed many seemingly same offers at a so called “one price” and found our 495.00 promotion to be far better.

One example is an offer that seems to be below our offering at 295.00. After careful consideration we found that the non-refundable over $1000.00 set-up fee to be some what misleading.

 YES, We believe this promotion to be the VERY BEST  offered on the Internet!

SEO Seattle® is known by many Seattle area businesses to be #1 in providing website first page rankings for even the most competitive searches.

 Our “$495 Google First Page” promo will provide you proof of our ranking potential like no sales pitch or brochure can. With our 100% money back guarantee you have the best calling card we have ever offered.

Consider the following…

 The time reserved for SEO Seattle to deliver a successful SEO campaign and secure actual first page results (will not exceed 360 days) for the agreed upon targeted search term.

SEO Seattle® reserves the right to turn down those SEO campaigns which they would consider overlapping and/or competing with a current client or deemed too difficult with the limited budget of the $495 one time payment.

a) Time to reach the Google first page results will vary (not to exceed 360 days) with each SEO campaign and will be set based upon the competitiveness of the keywords to be targeted.  You should know, it is our experience that an SEO campaign involving a Google ad words search term costing over $100 a click is extremely more competitive than one costing $1.

b) If SEO Seattle is unable to achieve first page ranking for a target keyword by the date guaranteed a full refund of 100% will be made within 7 days not to exceed 367 days from day of signed contract.

c) SEO Seattle will deliver and record what we should prove beyond your real expectations. Once achieving the goal of a first page ranking on Google for your choice of the local keyword phrase (must include a city name), SEO Seattle will offer a fair bid for an ongoing monthly maintenance program to assure that your top ranking stays on the first page as well as introduce more keyword phrases to also SEO for Google’s first page search results. This promotion was designed to demonstrate our knowledge and superior ranking capabilities in hopes of providing prospective clients proof that while it may seem like magic, it is just good ole “white hat SEO”. If we are hired on any level of SEO monthly responsibilities, we will continue to perform the necessary routine SEO for the ever changing Google algorithms to support and secure your first page rankings.

Refund Restrictions

 a) The guarantee becomes void and the project not eligible for any refund should changes be made to the target website during the guaranteed time period. Without first consulting with SEO Seattle. Including changes to Meta tags, content, images, etc. not authorized by SEO Seattle.  If necessary, a client may request and most likely obtain written authorization from SEO Seattle for such needed changes.

b) SEO Seattle will not make request for changes to the layout, pictures or original design of the website. It is possible that requests maybe needed for additional SEO friendly content be written and provided by SEO Seattle (at no additional charge).  Also possible are minor changes to code not affecting the website appearance could be necessary. Should a client not allow these changes in a reasonable time frame of no more than 10 days, the guarantee becomes void and the client no longer eligible for refund.

c) A refund will not be provided if client hires another SEO Company within the same guaranteed period or attempts to perform SEO on their own. Google’s “Over Optimization” penalty and the penalty for some back linking labeled by Google  to be “toxic” are both real threats when introducing SEO.

d) A refund will not be provided for those sites that have been found penalized by Google or become penalized due entirely to the client’s negligence.